S-Monovette Conducts Refresher Course on Blood Collection at Hulhumale Hospital and IGMH

S-Monovette Conducts Refresher Course on Blood Collection at Hulhumale Hospital and IGMH

S-Monovette recently held a refresher course on blood collection at Hulhumale Hospital and Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH), drawing in a group of enthusiastic nurses and lab staff. This initiative, led by Naadu, highlights their dedication to ensuring healthcare professionals receive the training and development they need to excel.

During the training, participants were introduced to Sarstedt’s innovative blood collection system, the S-Monovette. This advanced system aims to make the blood collection process smoother and more comfortable for patients. At the same time, it helps nurses and lab technicians streamline their work, making their daily routines more efficient.

Naadu’s commitment goes beyond just offering training sessions. They are focused on continuous professional development, recognizing that well-trained staff are crucial for delivering top-notch patient care. By providing ongoing support and resources, Naadu hopes to foster a culture of excellence and innovation in the healthcare sector. This approach not only improves the quality of care immediately but also sets the stage for long-term healthcare improvements in the region

The recent refresher course at Hulhumale Hospital and IGMH marks a significant step forward in these efforts. With Naadu’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence, the future looks bright for healthcare in the Maldives, promising a better experience for patients and a more effective work environment for healthcare professionals.

Naadu extends its heartfelt appreciation to all the nurses and lab staff who participated in this training. Their active participation and dedication to improving their skills and embracing new technologies are vital for delivering the highest quality of patient care. This unwavering commitment and hard work are making significant strides towards a better healthcare system for all.

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