Innovative solution: NFT urine collection system

Innovative solution: NFT urine collection system

Innovative solution: NFT urine collection system

NFT = Needle-free transfer

How can collecting urine samples be made even safer, easier and more hygienic? The answer to this question can be found in the innovative urine cup, urine collection container and urine tube of the NFT system. As the first closed and needle-free urine collection system from SARSTEDT, these new urine collection containers combine the advantages of existing products in a single solution.

  • Hygienic. Practical. Safe!
  • Closed system
  • Needle-free sample collection

Urine cup NFT – New standard for urine preanalytics

  • Available as a sterile 100 ml urine cup with screw cap and as a 3 l urine collection container for 24-h urine collection
  • Metal and needle-free transfer of the urine sample
  • Safely store, transport and ship sealed urine samples
  • Easy, hygienic urine transfer with the Urine Monovette®
  • No sharps container needed to dispose of the NFT products



A needle is no longer needed with the new needle-free collection function. The Urine Monovette® easily pierces the integrated NFT membrane. Following convenient collection, the innovative, pierceable membrane is immediately closed and hygienically sealed (even with multiple collections). There is no risk of infection from a needlestick injury.


Minimised risk of injury and increased user safety for personnel and patient through needle-free transfer

Savings on disposal, as the components of the NFT system do not need to be disposed of separately in a sharps container

The best from various systems 

The NFT system with Urine Monovette®, urine cup and urine collection container ensures hygienic working conditions during the entire urine sample collection.

With the Urine Monovette® and the enclosed suction tip, you can carry out the transfer process without a needle, even if the filling volume is very small. A separate transfer unit as in vacuum systems is not needed.

Intuitive handling can be learned quickly without extensive training.

With the Urine Monovette® , the aspiration principle allows the collection process to be repeated if necessary – there is no risk of loss of function through faulty use.

The well-designed, needle-free collection function minimises the risk of injury for personnel and patient.

After collection, neither the urine cup and screw cap nor the urine tubes require separate puncture-proof disposal. This saves time and money compared to products with an integrated needle.

  • Liquid and odour-tight screw cap with transfer unit
  • Sealed with sterility guarantee – An intact safety label indicates that the urine cup has not been tampered with.
  • Clear case – highly transparent container of robust polypropylene (PP) for good visual assessment
  • Innovative needle-free transfer unit with integrated, pierceable membrane

Urine Monovette® – hygienic

  • The Urine Monovette® enables the hygienic, needle-free collection of urine samples from urine collection containers or urine drainage systems.
  • A urine analysis with commercially available test strips can be carried out directly in the filled Urine Monovette® .
  • The Urine Monovette® is suitable for transporting and shipping according to the P650 packaging instructions of the ADR and IATA. It can be used in centrifuges and analysers for collecting sediment.


  1. NFT urine collection system from SARSTEDT

Only clean and precise specimen collection can ensure correct results of the analysis.

The products of the NFT system from SARSTEDT set the standard for accurate preanalytics suitable for routine use combined with the greatest safety for user and patient.

puncture-resistant crossed out

NFT products do not need to be disposed of in sharps containers.



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